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About Us

About DiGioia Gray

DiGioia Gray has served our clients in various areas of civil, electrical, geotechnical, and structural engineering. Our staff operates from locations in seven states with further growth anticipated. But the true measure of our success has been our focus on client care: we have established and maintained trust, respect and communication for the successful completion of projects as consultants, partners, team members, third-party reviewers and expert witnesses.

At DiGioia Gray we build on our technical expertise, best practices, and access to cutting edge technology every day - this is part of our culture and standard of practice. Our innovative, value-engineering solutions will continue to be supplemented by our research and academic ties.

A Brief History

DiGioia Gray was founded in 2004 by Anthony M. DiGioia Jr. and Richard E. Gray, who previously founded and served as chairman and president, and senior vice president of another engineering consultant firm for years. They are widely regarded as the "go-to" experts in their industry, with that reputation earned through decades of providing innovative project solutions on time and within budget.

Tony DiGioia

Tony DiGioia Jr., PhD, PE

Dr. DiGioia is a leader in the development of structural loading criteria for the design of electric transmission lines. He has conducted extensive foundation research and been a leader in the development and use of reliability-based design and analysis concepts applied to transmission line structures and foundations. Dr. DiGioia also has extensive experience in the siting and design of coal-combustion product (CCP) landfills and the beneficial use of CPs in large tonnage applications such as roadway embankments and pavements, backfills, site development and airport fills.

Dick Gray

Dick Gray, PG

Mr. Gray is a specialist in soil and rock mechanics, engineering geology and foundation engineering. His consulting experience includes numerous geotechnical studies for large industrial developments such as steel mills and fossil fuel, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants. He is internationally recognized for his work in subsidence engineering.

Our Values

DiGioia Gray's founding principles emphasize quality work, client service, reliability, respect and integrity - values that are central to the company's business philosophy. These values, along with the objective to meet schedules and commitments and an ability to provide innovative solutions to the most difficult challenges, have earned DiGioia Gray a reputation for excellence.