Commercial & Industrial Development

DiGioia Gray professionals have supported our urban infrastructure development from parking garages to foundations for hospitals, bridges and high-rise buildings to geotechnical surveys and landslides assessment/mitigation. We have also led engineering projects associated with the expansion and efficient operation of industrial operations from upgrades to small buildings, geotechnical and structural surveys, retaining walls, construction inspection, storm water run-off controls all the way to pump hydraulics and design.

Commercial Development - UPMC


Specific Services

DiGioia Gray has been associated with a number of urban, commercial and industrial development projects since our conception. We apply our civil, geotechnical, structural and technology resources to help our clients build and enhance their assets. Some of our services include the following:

  • Structural engineering reviews and design
  • Specialty office buildings
  • Parking structures
  • Brownfields development and reclamation projects supports
  • Complex urban geotechnical and geohazard challenges - wide variety of applications from foundations to landslides/slope failures
  • Regulatory planning
  • Site development (e.g., hospitals, parks, industrial expansions)
  • Construction management
  • Soil structure and foundation assessment, design, controls and improvement
  • UAVs for assets monitoring and management (construction, infrastructure, conditions assessment)
  • Stormwater retention basins, dams and ancillary pumping systems
  • Specialty transportation projects support (e.g., bridge foundations/structural reviews, UAVs, urban planning)