Applied Research

Applied Research

Through years of research projects and work on standards, guides and codes, DiGioia Gray applies in-depth knowledge to the engineering field. Recognized for our expertise in structural and geotechnical engineering, we have been retained by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and individual electric utility companies to provide specialized services on:

  • Transmission line structural and foundation research
  • Transmission line failure investigations

Our staff has also been instrumental in developing the standards and codes used by the industry today. They have led or been members of committees for:

  1. ASCE Manuals
    1. Guide for Design of Steel Transmission Towers
    2. Guidelines for Electric Transmission Line Loading
      1. Design of steel transmission pole structures
      2. Design of guyed transmission structures
  2. The IEEE Guide for Transmission Structure Foundation Design and Testing
  3. The National Electric Safety Code (NESC) Subcommittee on Strength and Loading
  4. American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Committee on Soil and Rock

DiGioia Gray’s staff members have also worked with EPRI on applied research to promote the utilization and beneficial use of coal combustion products.