Coal Combustion Product Management

Coal Combustion Product Management

At DiGioia Gray, we provide comprehensive, innovative and value-added solutions to investor-owned utilities and independent power producers and manufacturers with our coal combustion product (CCP) management services.

Site Selection

DiGioia Gray staff members perform site selection studies for CCP management facilities, landfills and impoundments. These investigations include conceptual development plans and cost evaluations, identification of regulatory constraints or exclusionary criteria, environmental impacts, operating requirements, and advantages or disadvantages for a number of sites.

The process begins with the selection of potential sites based on size (design life) and location, and then proceeds into the screening of the potential sites using a multi-disciplinary process to narrow the field to those more suitable from the standpoint of social, technical (engineering, geology, constructability and logistics), environmental and economic impact. The candidate sites are evaluated in detail and ranked to identify the most suitable.

Environmental Assessments

In today’s complex regulatory climate, it is imperative to investigate and assess prior uses of a potential project site. As part of the project team, our environmental engineers, scientists, and hydrogeologists can perform pre-acquisition environmental assessments. This process will help identify the environmental responsibilities and liabilities of previous owners and operators. For existing CCP facilities, we can develop a conceptual site model to identify and establish baseline conditions prior to moving forward with expansion plans.

Disposal Facility Design and Environmental Permitting

Our staff’s consistent and comprehensive, yet practical, approach to the complex regulatory process has led to demonstrated success in designing and permitting CCP management facilities. We are experienced in preparing CCP facility permit applications for prevailing state regulations and taking full advantage of innovation, exemptions and alternatives where allowable.

Our services include:

  • Hydrogeologic and geologic investigations for site characterization
  • Pre-sitting notices
  • 404 permit application
  • Solid waste permit applications
  • NPDES permit applications
  • Existing permit modifications
  • Closure plans
  • Regulatory liaison and compliance assistance
  • Conceptual and detailed site design
  • Liner design (clay and/or synthetic)
  • Advocate alternative materials and equivalency reviews
  • Groundwater monitoring plans
  • Estimates of construction costs
  • Construction monitoring and certifications

Geotechnical and Hydrogeologic Investigations

Geotechnical and hydrogeologic investigations are essential to assess the suitability of a site. These investigations include descriptions of soil, rock, and groundwater conditions beneath a proposed site, which provide assistance in identifying design elements to minimize environmental impact. To accomplish this, we coordinate drilling services, soil and rock laboratory testing, and field testing. In addition, we monitor field investigations and provide slope-stability analyses, foundation design, topographic and geologic mapping, grading plans and cost estimates for site development.

CCP Beneficial Use and Marketing

Recognizing that disposal costs can be avoided, the cost of generation lowered and an overall environmental benefit, DiGioia Gray promotes CCP beneficial use. Our staff participate in national research programs in cooperation with the Electric Power Research Institute, and the Federal Highway Administration. We provide consulting services to numerous electric utilities, mine operators, and independent power producers and manufacturers. We conduct product characterization studies to determine potential uses for specific materials, perform market research to identify economical end-uses, coordinate demonstration projects, and assist our clients in developing utilization programs through liaison activities with regulatory personnel and potential end users.

Construction Support and Quality Assurance Monitoring

Our staff can assist you with construction monitoring and management of your project. Our services for construction projects include: contract document preparation (drawings and specifications), assistance with bidding, quality assurance (QA) monitoring, quality control (QC) testing, permit compliance documentation, and construction certifications.

DiGioia Gray coordinates geotechnical testing for soils, liners, and other engineered materials, as well as for concrete and synthetic membrane liners, such as PVC and HDPE.

Site Closure

Considering the increase in renewable energy sources, and the shut-down of coal-fired electric generation, DiGioia Gray engineers can assist with power plant and ancillary facilities closure. We can develop pond closure strategies and plans for the power plant sites or for ancillary landfill facilities. Modifications to previously approved closure plans can be implemented to be consistent with current utility strategy.