Geologic Studies

Geologic Studies

Geologic and hydrogeologic investigations are essential to assess the suitability of a site. These investigations include descriptions of soil, rock, and groundwater conditions beneath a proposed site, and they provide assistance in identifying design elements that are needed to minimize environmental impact. We will coordinate drilling services, soil and rock laboratory testing and field testing. We also monitor field investigations and provide slope-stability analyses, foundation design, topographic and geologic mapping, grading plans and cost estimates for site development.

DiGioia Gray & Associates have geotechnical engineers and geologists that are highly experienced in the principles of engineering geology, hydrogeology, soil and rock mechanics, subsidence remediation, landslides, and mine fire investigations.

For many projects, soil is a finite and critical resource. Our professionals investigate and evaluate subsurface conditions with the intent of minimizing soil and foundation-related costs while maximizing the utilization of soil and rock resources. By performing thorough site explorations, we detect geologic and environmental hazards and other risks that can challenge site and project development. We also conduct geologic research, reconnaissance, feasibility studies, and hydrogeologic studies for our clients’ projects.

Services DiGioia Gray provides related to Geologic and Hydrogeologic Studies:

Dam Engineering

DiGioia Gray provides designs for new and rehabilitated soil, rock, mine tailing and concrete dams. Our services include instrumentation design, installation and monitoring. Additionally, we develop monitoring plans for pore water pressures and slope movement.

Safety is always a top priority. We provide maintenance and operation plans as well as inspection and safety training for dam personnel. Further, we have expertise in Emergency Action Plan (EAP) Prevention.

Services DiGioia Gray provides related to Dam Engineering

Geologic Hazards

Our geotechnical expertise in site design includes assessment of areas subject to geologic hazards, such as sites underlain by karst and underground mines. We also have site design experience in areas of potential seismic activity and with materials that have the potential for liquefaction.

Services DiGioia Gray provides related to Geologic Hazard Mitigation: