Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

DiGioia Gray’s structural engineers have years of practical experience designing concepts for temporary and long-term solutions. Our team’s combined efforts in structural and geotechnical engineering bring expertise in structural mechanics, materials engineering and characterization, and computer programming to each project.

Our capabilities include the evaluation, design and detailing of transmission line structures, slab foundations, substation structures, drilled shafts, driven piles, pipe piles, micropiles, pile caps, spread footings, slope stabilization structures, soil and rock anchors, and other structural facilities.

Our success with structural rehabilitation projects covers a broad range of structures from storage tanks and silos to buildings, parking garages, dams and power plants. Our professionals identify and evaluate structural deterioration causes and develop remediation measures that solve space, capacity and performance issues. We tailor structural assessments to each client’s specific needs and provide alternative solutions with economic, operational and environmental considerations.

When DiGioia Gray inventories industrial or commercial facilities, we record conditions, store data and develop maintenance schedules so our clients can service their buildings and equipment on a regular basis. Our inspectors also investigate the structural condition of buildings — including cracking, settling and leakage. Although construction methods vary widely and foundations can be affected by soil conditions and hillside stability, we can still determine the root cause of building distress. Our staff brings extensive experience with materials and non-destructive testing, and we are experts in evaluating structure and foundation movements.

DiGioia Gray prepares plans and specifications for structure design and rehabilitation that focus on constructability by implementing emerging developments in construction materials and equipment. We provide construction services that range from specific construction activity observation to full-time field monitoring.

Over the years, we have also established valuable working relationships with independent consultants in related disciplines such as architecture to complement our in-house efforts. This problem-solving approach brings a comprehensive technical team to each project.

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