Transmission Line Engineering & Design

At DiGioia Gray, we have extensive experience in power delivery services from 4kV through 765kV. We provide innovative engineering services to design, maintain or upgrade power delivery systems in a cost effective, safe, timely, and reliable manner. Whether it is with new construction or increasing the life and function of an existing line, DiGioia Gray's experts are experienced in overhead line and structure design from inception to completion. We integrate utility standards into the design by applying principles and reasoning behind various criteria. We have contributed to the creation of transmission line design codes and guides for utilities.

Transmission Line Tower

Provided Services

  • New Overhead Line Design
  • Uprating and Upgrading Analysis and Design
  • Line Rebuilds
  • Outage Sequencing
  • Line Optimization ‐ Total Cost
  • Structural Analysis and Design
    • Lattice Towers
    • Steel, Wood and Concrete Poles
    • Wide flange and Tubular Frames
  • Reinforcement Design
  • Guy and Anchor Design
  • Innovation Calculation Tools
  • Standards and Guidelines Development
  • Foundation Analysis and Design
  • PCS Antenna Addition
  • Failure Investigations and Emergency restoration design
  • Underground Line Design
  • Fiber Optic Design
  • Owner’s Engineer
  • Peer Reviews
  • PLS‐TOWER, PLS‐CADD and PLS‐POLE software expertise
  • Inspections and Evaluations
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Weather Studies
  • Conductor Sag‐Tension Design
  • Insulation Design
  • Conductor Selection Optimization
  • Constructability reviews
  • Feasibility Studies and Conceptual Designs
  • Line inspections
  • Failure investigation/forensic work
  • Line construction specifications
  • Standards and Guidelines development
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