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DG Aerial Solutions, a leading technology service of DiGioia Gray, announces the commercial availability of WELLSCOUTSM for locating abandoned oil and natural gas wells. WELLSCOUTSM links Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) with advanced magnetometer payloads and sophisticated data processing to output detailed magnetic anomaly overlap maps for any site. Additional applications include pipeline, underground storage tank, landfill, & brown fields surveying.

"The WELLSCOUTSM service provides transportation, environmental, oil and gas, and developers with an innovative solution to address previously unmapped and potentially high-risk legacy wells", commented Andrew Zorn, P.E., Manager of Innovation & Technology.

WELLSCOUTSM can be tailored to our customer's critical needs and provide rapid deployment and useful data to enhance effective land management. DG Aerial Solutions is excited to bring WELLSCOUTSM to the market.

UAV Solutions


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