UAV Solutions

UAV Solutions


DiGioia Gray's UAV Solutions is part of the technology arm of DiGioia Gray and an innovator in the realm of UAV based geo-scientific and industrial surveying and inspections. Our staff is rich in engineering, construction, scientific and design experience. DG Aerial Solutions is qualified to develop unique solutions to complex industry challenges.

UAV Solutions



Our Team


Andrew - Program Manager

Andrew has a Master's Degree in Civil/Structural Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and comes from a family of scientists and engineers. He has been with DiGioia Gray for over nine years and is committed to the advancement of both DiGioia Gray and the engineering field. His goal is to advance the state of the practice concerning the use of UAV's in the engineering industry. The operations implementation was developed using years of engineering experience, nurturing client relationships and through a thorough understanding of applications.


Jason - Remote sUAS Pilot

Jason is an accomplished remote pilot with experience as the pilot-in-command of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). He has his FAA Part 107 license credentials and is a sUAS instructor at the community college. His experience with mapping, flight operations, pre-flight preparations, and on-site maintenance coupled with his business knowledge equips him to understand how sUAS services bring clients valuable insight into their operations. Jason has depth of experience with safe and effective mission planning, coordination, and execution, and the combination of his professional and technical knowledge translates into exceptional customer service.


Mark - Remote sUAS Pilot / Designer

Mark has an Associate's Degree in Drafting and Design from ITT Technical Institute and has a background in civil drafting and design with 17 years of experience in the civil field. In addition to his experience and enthusiasm for the advancement of UAS in the civil engineering field, he also has an extensive background in construction monitoring of civil infrastructure, earth compaction testing and concrete testing. Mark is a licensed sUAS pilot with flight time experience in the field.


Matthew - Remote sUAS Pilot / Designer

Matthew has an Associate's degree in drafting and design from Triangle Tech with experience preparing construction drawings, topographical maps with related profiles, and specifications used in planning and construction of engineering projects. He has been with DiGioia gray for over 10 years and is committed to expanding the capabilities of DiGioia Gray with the advancement of UAS and their supporting technology. Matthew is a licensed sUAS pilot with flight time experience in the field.