UAV Solutions - Electric Utilities

UAV Solutions - Electric Utilities


DiGioia Gray's UAV Solutions' highly trained UAV pilots and staff operate on the cutting edge of utilities inspections. Our equipment affords us extended flight times, high resolution and high zoom imagery to obtain the details desired for all inspection missions. Our experience in transmission line engineering lends itself to understanding our clients and their needs for inspection, and further allows us to identify potential issues on the fly, in the field. EMF alarms are utilized on our inspection fleet to avoid flying our equipment too close to an energized source while achieving maximum safe encroachment distances. We support clients with transmission and distribution tower inspections, land surveys, and structural modeling.

UAV Solutions - Electric Utilities



With up to 30x optical capabilities, our up-close inspection UAV's can provide necessary detail to effectively and thoroughly inspect assets.


Land surveys of the areas immediate to an asset can provide an in-depth analysis of potential geo-hazards and environmental risks that may adversely impact your asset. Utilizing 3D modeling, contour mapping, and linear corridor mapping, DiGioia Gray's Aerial Solutions knows what to look for to best.

With experience in landslide identification and remediation, DiGioia Gray's UAV Solutions utilizes the science of geomorphic change detection to quantify the movement of a slope or surface over time. Understanding how a failure may occur allows us to provide the highest level of insight to protect a client's assets.

UAV Solutions - Electric Utilities


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